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Italy: Aqeela can contribute to solving the crisis politically.

The Italian Foreign Minister, Luigi de Mayo, considered that the Tobruk Parliment Speaker Aqeela Saleh could make an important contribution towards launching a comprehensive Libyan Libyan dialogue to solve the Libyan crisis politically.

De Mayo confirmed, on Tuesday, during his meeting with Aqeela in Rome, that his country seeks a cease-fire within the results of the Berlin conference, explaining that the resumption of oil exports will have a positive impact that will not be limited to the country’s economy and the welfare of the Libyans, but also to the prospects for negotiations in the political and security fields, according to the Aki the ”Italian agency .

It is worth noting that Aqeela Saleh visited, on July 3, Moscow and discussed with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov ways to stop the fighting and implement the Berlin resolutions and the Cairo Declaration.

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