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Italian Website: Haftar has become a prey for the army and will not hold out for long.

Italian Defense and Security website said on Wednesday that Haftar “has become a prey” for the Libyan army forces preparing to enter Tarhuna after the expulsion of Haftar militias from several strongholds south of Tripoli.

The website, in a report, confirmed that the loss of Tarhuna will be a fatal and decisive blow to the entire Haftar aggression in Libya as it is the only place that allows the militia of Haftar, the aggressor against the capital, to receive supplies, indicating that his militias will not be able to resist for a long time against the Libyan army.

The Italian website said that the army forces issued an ultimatum to Haftar militias inside the city of Tarhuna, through leaflets in Arabic and Russian calling for them to surrender immediately, to avoid a bloodbath and give guarantees to those who decide to lay down their weapons, will save their lives and are treated with respect.

Defense and Security website reported that the Libyan army called on the people of the city to stay in their homes and stay away from the fighting areas.

It is worth noting that the Libyan army spokesman, Pilot Mohamed Qanunu, announced, on Saturday, that the Libyan army’s forces had advanced towards the city of Tarhuna, according to the plan drawn up by the operations room within the framework of Operation “Peace Storm”.

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