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Italian stances supportive of the Government of National Accord after Asarraj ignored Rome’s invitation.

After Asarraj ignored the Rome invitation, when Rome practiced political adolescence by trying to place the President of the Presidential Council, Fayiz Asarraj, before a de facto gathering with Khalifa Hifter in Italy without informing him in advance, and failed in that when he changed his direction from Rome to Tripoli – the Conti government tried to remedy the embarrassment that afflicted them By making supportive statements for the GNA.

Hifter’s invitation for a political solution :

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte called for Hifter to abandon the military option, stressing that the only sustainable solution is the political one. Conte, during his meeting with Hifter in Rome, expressed his deep concern about the continuous escalation in the country, condemning the attack on the Military College in Alhadba.

Unbalanced :

Conte’s position was reinforced by Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo, who described the closing statement issued by the foreign ministers of Egypt, France, Cyprus and Greece on January 8 against Turkey and the government of reconciliation – as “unbalanced.

De Mayo added, in press statements, that the announcement he participated in, but did not sign, was very unbalanced against the GNA and Turkey, which is “still a major ally of us,” according to the Italian agency “Aki.”

De Mayo added that the European Union should speak with one voice, calling on his European partners to be moderate and act responsibly, according to the agency.

The Italian position changed after the Italian opposition and press attacked the government of Conte for its attempt to gather Asarraj and Hifter without the knowledge of Asarraj, which was described by a parliamentary opposition as a diplomatic bankruptcy.

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