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It has been more than 36 hours since Tripoli airport shelling with rockets from the Hifter militias, and the Presidential Council remains silent

The Presidential Council continues to remain silent about what Hifter militias have been doing in the last 36 hours of shelling of residential neighborhoods and the Maitiga International Airport, causing them to suspend work for 9 hours and diverting flights to Misurata International Airport.

The Presidential Council did not bother himself this time even to issuing statements of condemnation that the citizens are tired of and want it to take serious action to end these violations and stop the destruction and killing committed by these militias.Hifter militias targeted, on Friday, the capital, Tripoli, with more than 60 rockets, which resulted in the injury of a woman and a child, and damaged a number of citizens’ homes.

The Presidential Council can do a lot

The writer and political analyst Abdullah Al-Kabeer believes that it is difficult to understand the GNA’s behavior and its different stances towards the aggression and the countries that support it, while there are many measures that are supposed to be taken but they are not.

In a statement to Arraed, Al-Kabeer added that forming a war government, assigning a defense minister to organize the frontline, reducing ties or even severing them with supportive states, and strengthening the frontline with arms and all defense requirements, would represent a strong response to the aggression.

Al-Kabeer continues that the government seems to insist on remaining in a position to react to the developments of the aggression while it can and should take the initiative, and shift from defense to attack to drive away the danger or eradicate it from the vicinity of Tripoli to protect civilians.

Al-Kabeer wondered about the reasons behind the prime minister’s failure to seriously move towards these files, justifying that they may be due to external pressures from major countries that prevent them from taking strong stances.

The weakness of the government is caused by its formation

For his part, political analyst Mohamed Ghamim said that the formation of the GNA, which came in difficult circumstances and was subject to regional and quota accounts, is the reason that it was unable to achieve its important obligations.

Ghemim added, in a statement to the Arraed, that the GNA has the capabilities to achieve what is required of it, but, unfortunately, it cannot use these capabilities because of the weakness of its officials and their lack of experience in the political field and diplomatic relations.

Stances not worthy of legitimate government

As for the Egyptian writer, political analyst and researcher on the Libyan issue, Alaa Farouk, he said that these stances are not worthy of a government that is supposed to have international legitimacy and regional allies such as Turkey and other backing and supportive countries.

Farouk added, in a statement to Arraed, that the GNA still very weak in its dealing, and it does not want to clash with the mission and is still counting on the international community, asking it to harden its positions, especially as the Libyan army is ready to respond to the aggression and attacks launched by the Hifter militias.

Farouk stressed that these stances are not in the interest of the GNA, especially in light of the continued aggression and the failure of the military track talks that did not come out with any result.

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