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ISIS Collecting Corpses of its Fighters in Sirte

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


On Sunda-y ISIS in Sirte launched two separate failed attacks on GNA loyal forces. The first attack took place near Ouagadougou Hall where ISIS fighters were taken out by GNA fighter jets.

In the second attack ISIS fighters attempted to sneak through an area between neighbourhoods known as Saffron and 700 when they were ambushed by GNA forces who report seeing them pulling corps as they fled.

GNA forces are reporting a very small amount of ISIS fighters left in Sirte that are being cornered in an area within a five kilometer radius in the centre of Sirte.

Though the GNA forces lost 20 of its soldiers, who were killed by snipers in recent battles against ISIS, they continue to push ISIS out of Sirte with full force. “The deaths among our forces on Friday were a result of targeting by snipers and of mines,” explained Ahmed Hadia spokesperson for the GNA loyal forces.

The recent battles, that took place near the Ghiza Asskariya neighbourhood and the Ouagadougou Hall, lasted for two days straight.

“Our forces entered the complex and are fighting (but) they still cannot take the complex,” Hadia said.

Hadia reports three additional failed car bomb attacks attacks by ISIS intended to counter the GNA’s advancement in Sirte.

ISIS has been holding on to Ouagadougou Hall with their remaining resources in its final attempts to survive in Sirte. ISIS the Ouagadougou hall  a symbol of it’s hope to take over Libya.

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