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Iran Vice President:  We are ready to strengthen our relationship with Libya


On Friday, at the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Iran’s Vice President  Eshaq Jahangiri said on the sidelines of the during his meeting with Foreign Minister of the GNA Mohamed Siala, that Iran is ready to remove obstacles to the development of bilateral relations with Libya.


Jahangiri expressed of his hope that Libya would  emerge from the crisis  that it is in, by its leaders and its people. He added that Libya is a large and important country in the Islamic world and within the African continent.


Jahangiri explained that the history of Libya as well as its valuable past can help it overcome its problems; in order for Libya to play its role in the world. He indicated that the Iranian government and people would always stand by the Libyan people.


Siala pointed out to the conditions of Libya in recent years and reiterated the desire to develop relations with Iran. Siala added that the implementation of joint maritime projects between the two countries is a step in favor of Libya and Iran, noting that Libya needs to support Iran in the development of its industries, especially in the field of energy.


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