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International meetings clarify the organization of the internal house of GNA and the shambles of the Alkarama camp.

The month of January revealed the extent of the political scene’s floundering and the correct foundations for the modern state that has been called for by the deputies of Tobruk and the leader of the military coup, Khalifa Hifter and his supporters

As soon as the ceasefire was agreed and the Libyan parties went to Moscow and then Berlin after that, the features of the state emerged with the reconciliation government, in contrast to what was shown by the Parliament and the Alrajma camp, which seeks to impose certain personalities and not others to sit in the seat of government in Libya.

Sovereignty and dependency

In the Moscow talks, the GNA, represented by the President of the Presidential Council, Fayiz Asarraj, the Interior Minister Fathi Pashaga, and Foreign Minister Mohamed Sayyala went to sign the ceasefire and start political dialogue, in preparation for the Berlin conference.

As for Hifter, he came to Moscow accompanied by Aqila Salih and the Chargé d’Affairs of the Emirati Embassy in Russia, which created a flop in the final decision because of the UAE’s intransigence and its refusal to sign a ceasefire, which prompteded Hifter to escape at night from Moscow in a sign of the weakness of decision-making in the camp of Alrajma.

Who came with Hifter to Berlin ?

As soon as the wave of mockery of the Alrajma camp and its supporters calmed down, Hifter returned again to provoke them after appearing in the Berlin talks, accompanied by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as he interceded his nephew and son-in-law.

Hifter’s image revealed the truth of the slogans he made about Libya’s embrace for all, and his quest to build a state of institutions and democracy, putting his supporters and members of the Tobruk deputies, headed by Aqila Saleh, in an embarrassing situation, especially since the talks themselves were held with the GNA delegation which was again represented by the president of Presidential council president and Minister of the Interior and Foreign Affairs.

What happened in Berlin from the absence of the parallel Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thani and the Chairman of the House of Representatives in Tobruk Aqila Saleh – made it clear that Hifter does not care about these personalities and does not consider them representative of the Libyan people, which prompted him to shorthand Libya in his person, his nephew and his son-in-law, to act as he wanted or at least least as the countries supporting wanted which forced him to flee and not sign in Moscow.


Geneva Dialogue and the contradiction of deputies

Hifter is not alone in showing great contradictions between his slogans and his actions. The House of Representatives also showed the extent of political confusion in which they lived in after Hifter reduced their role and made them a council to pass his decisions and implement the policies of the countries that support him.

The failure of the deputies was evident in the incompatibility of the deputies, at least in their statements that precede the Geneva Dialogue, statements that carried the deputies’ refusal to participate at times, and the approval with conditions at other times, whether or not the deputies went, what happened during January will remain a big question mark about the reality of the role that the deputies are supposed to do for Libya, not Hifter.

In spite of the many attempts led by Hifter and the countries supporting him at home and abroad, led by paid media machines, to solicit citizens who refuse to project the militarization of the state, what was revealed in January gave many indications about the state of the country and what it will descend to in the event of Hifter seizing power.

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