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International and domestic rejection for Maitiq and Haftar’s initiative to open the oil.

In light of his relentless pursuit of power, Ahmed Maitiq tried to present himself as a savior and loyal to the homeland by agreeing with the leader of the failed aggression against Tripoli, Khalifa Haftar, to open up oil, which was forcibly closed for nine months, and caused losses to the Libyan state treasury estimated at 10 billion dollars.

This initiative, which was announced, on Friday, suddenly and without the President of the Presidential Council knowing of all that had happened, was met with local and international refusal by the National Oil Corporation and the US embassy.

American embassy

The Embassy of the United States of America in Libya rejected what it described as “the efforts of some people to serve their narrow interests,” referring to the personal agreement that the representative of the Presidential Council “Ahmed Maitiq” made with Khaled Haftar regarding the reopening of oil.

The embassy wrote through its official Twitter account, “The time has come for all Libyan leaders to work through the process facilitated by the United Nations to restore the sovereignty of their country, stressing that the Libyan-Libyan dialogue must be transparent and comprehensive, where the Libyans assume responsibility for their political future and control of their national resources.

The Corporation refuses to the opening of Oil

For his part, the head of the National Oil Corporation, Sanalla, said that with the negotiations taking place in an irregular manner the removal of force majeure could not be done from the oil installations, adding that he would not allow the Russian mercenaries of Wagner to play a role in the oil sector.

In the same context, Sanalla revealed that there are negotiations that the Corporation is conducting in coordination with the President of the Presidential Council and the international community, including an initiative to operate oil ports safely.

Italians hint at rejection

For its part, Italy hinted at the rejection of what happened, as it called on the Libyan parties to re-launch a Libyan political dialogue process, and that all members of the international community should support the political track and distance oneself from interfering in the internal affairs of Libya.

Unusually, too, the international community and the countries concerned with Libya did not welcome the agreement to open oil, similar to what happens every time Haftar opens oil.

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