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International and Arab praises of the progress in the Libyan dialogue rounds.

The Libyan dialogue rounds, in its many “political, economic and military” tracks, received widespread attention and praise for the progress it had made; In order to cement the cease-fire, and the formation of a new executive authority.

A source from the Libyan Dialogue Committee stated to Arraed, that the second option for the executive authority selection mechanism received 39 votes, while the third option received 24 votes, and 8 votes for the third selection mechanism.

The source explained to Arraed that 71 members of the dialogue committee voted in today’s session, which requires that one of the options obtain 75% of the vote, stressing that the second session to choose the mechanism will be next Monday.

The US ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, said that the ongoing political process in Libya provides a unique opportunity for Libyan political and economic leaders; To achieve these reforms and make Libya a strong and reliable partner for private sector investments.

Norland said in a statement that US business leaders emphasized that increasing investment in Libya requires long-term political stability.

For his part, Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani said that the declaration of a ceasefire in Libya contributed to making progress in the political dialogue.

Al-Thani stressed, during his participation in the Sixth Rome Forum for Mediterranean Dialogue, the necessity of stopping all foreign interference to prevent fueling the conflict and isolating the interests of different regions from the Libyan conflict. In order to ensure that the interest of the Libyan people is given priority.

In a related context, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi de Maio stressed the need to preserve the current course of dialogue, and to thwart attempts to sabotage the progress made in this path.

According to Aki agency, de Maio stressed that preserving the dialogue context will lead to reaching a comprehensive political solution for the Libyans to negotiate with regard to the security of their country, pointing out that the process of stabilizing the country has begun, but its path is still long.

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