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Interior Ministry: After yesterday’s demonstrations … we protect the right to peaceful protest, and we promise a transparent investigation and punish those involved and infiltrators.

Angry demonstrations in Tripoli and Misurata to denounce poor services, poor living conditions, interruption of basic services such as water, electricity, fuel, and lack of cash in banks.

These demonstrations were exploited by some parties who tried to deviate them from their content, especially in the capital, Tripoli, where there were acts of violence, shootings and attempts to sabotage, according to the Ministry of Interior statement.

They are not affiliated to the interior Ministry

The Ministry of Interior denied that any member of the police or those affiliated with the Ministry of the Interior were the ones who fired at the demonstrators, confirming that they monitored “infiltrators” and that they recognized some of them and would arrest them.

The ministry added in a statement that it had opened a criminal investigation into these facts and promised to publish it to the public opinion after the Public Prosecution’s permission, affirming that the law will be applied to everyone, whether they are security or arrest agencies or citizens.

Protesting right

In the same context, Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha explained that the ministry protects the right of citizens to demonstrate and responds to every transgressor against private and public property or anyone who threatens the security of the state because it considers peaceful protest and expression of opinion a right guaranteed to every citizen

Bashagha added in a tweet on Twitter that the right to peaceful gathering, protest, freedom of expression and other human rights fall within Libya’s obligations under international human rights law.

As usual, the pro-Haftar media seized these events and tried to direct them in an other direction, not as intended by the popular and spontaneous demonstrations.

Inflate the matter

Libya Al-Hadath channel, owned by one of Haftar’s sons, accused the Interior Ministry’s security forces of firing at the demonstrators with anti-aircraft weapons and that the demonstrators in Tripoli declared a general insurrection until the fall of the Presidential Council

No serious injuries

For its part, the Ministry of Health confirmed that no serious injuries or deaths were recorded during the demonstrations in Tripoli yesterday

The ministry added that emergency teams in Martyrs Square gave first aid to some of the protesters who were lightly injured, and that it was not necessary to take them to hospitals.

Angry demonstrations

Yesterday, angry demonstrations took place in both Tripoli and Misrata denouncing the waste of public money and calling for combating corruption and investigating the interruption of services such as electricity and water and the long queues in front of gas stations.

The demonstrations in the capital, Tripoli, witnessed riots and shootings that resulted in wounding a number of demonstrators, while the demonstrations in Misurata were peaceful and did not result in any disturbances.

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