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Interior Minister: Defending the state against the coup is a legitimate right.

The Minister of Interior of the GNA, Fathi Pashaga, said that they practice a legitimate right, which is the right to self-defense and political legitimacy, as guaranteed by all legislations and international laws against the military coup mentality that does not believe in political multiplicity and the peaceful transfer of power.

Pashaga added, at a press conference in Tunis, that some forces seeking power exploited the fact that Libya was a target for terrorist organizations to gain power, according to the ministry’s official page on Facebook.

Pashaga explained that Libyans were preparing for the Ghadames conference in April, “in which we welcomed everyone, even the so-called the General Command, but we were surprised by military convoys attacking Tripoli without any logical reason.”

The minister added that the forces of the GNA are fighting for democracy and the civil state that rejects extremism, and in order to counter this danger posses all the political, scientific, developmental, cultural and security tools.

It is worth noting that the forces of Khalifa Hifter failed in 9 months in controlling the capital, Tripoli, after Hifter launched an offensive that he called the evident conquest “Al-Fateh Al-Mubeen” on the 4th of April, which resulted in dozens of civilian deaths and injuries.

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