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In the second session of the deputies in Sirte … Dbaiba reviews the ministerial formation of his government and recalls resisting what he called “the Ottoman occupation.”

During the presentation of his ministerial formation before Parliament in its session held in Sirte for the second day in a row, the Prime Minister-designate Abdulhamid Dbaiba talked about the mechanism for selecting the government formation, and what it will offer to resolve the outstanding issues.

Dbaiba’s speech dealt with issues of mercenaries, health, corona, security, national reconciliation, the economy and other issues that were present in Dbaiba’s proposal, while answering the MPs’ questions, on top of these issues is fighting terrorism and expelling mercenaries.

At the outset of the speech, Dbaiba said: The Libyans resisted what he called “the Ottoman occupation” and the Italian occupation, stressing that there was a “near-blockage” in appointing a specific person for the Ministry of Defense, and that the appointment of a minister would be in agreement with the Presidential Council.

Terror and mercenaries

Prime Minister-designate Abdulhamid Dbaiba made it clear that he would not allow another war to take place in Libya, praising the role of the Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous operation that eliminated terrorism in Sirte, adding that mercenaries and foreign forces represent a dagger in the back of every Libyan, and it is imperative to work to get them out. It takes work and wisdom.

National Reconciliation

In the file of national reconciliation, Dbaiba said that he is not biased towards a specific party, and is ready to work with everyone, indicating that reconciliation without reparation is useless, and that previous social reconciliations, such as what happened in the reconciliation between Tawergha and Misurata, reduced the tragedies and damages throughout society, adding that he would go Immediately after gaining confidence to visit the city of Benghazi, pointing out that he is still adhering to the condition of those included in his government being able to travel in all cities of Libya, in order to get his approval.


With regard to the House of Representatives and the granting of confidence, Dbaiba described today’s meeting of representatives as historic, and that it comes at a difficult time in the history of Libya, and that it marks the end of the division that is a victory for the Libyans, explaining that whether confidence is granted or not, the great responsibility falls on the House before it falls on him as that he will not go to the “75th Committee” dialogue forum to gain confidence.

Dbaiba added that the House of Representatives lost the decision, and that it must retrieve its decision from foreign countries, pointing out that he had reviewed all the observations made by the deputies regarding his government formation in their session yesterday.

Ministerial formation

Dbaiba also touched during the presentation of his cabinet lineup to the deputies and their allocation. He stated that, as prime minister, has a web site in which all the CVs of the nominated ministers are present, and that he will not stick to any minister who has suspicions of corruption or has legal restrictions, and that the government formation consists of a president, two deputies, 26 ministers only, and the rest State ministers without portfolios.

Dabaiba indicated that he is not comfortable with the presence of a large number of ministers in his formation, but he aims to involve the largest number of Libyans, stressing that he has only chosen one minister in his complete formation.


In view of the service side and the multiple files awaiting his government, Dbaiba affirmed that their primary goal is to go to the elections, and that his role is to fully support and adopt gradual steps towards that goal.

With regard to the health file, Dbaiba indicated that it is the largest file of looting and theft in Libya, and that he will work to provide the Corona vaccine as soon as possible and at any price, and that there are promises to provide 1.5 million doses of the Corona vaccine as soon as he receives the government.

Dbaiba also stated that he would divide the general budget in an orderly manner among the governorates, and that he would support the representation of women, as well as solve the electricity problem within 7 months, indicating that Libya had more than 18 thousand construction cranes working, but today they are all stopped, which prompts us for more work.

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