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In the scenario of the Russian spread in Libya … the Alsharara is under the control of the “Wagner” group , what is the GNA role now?

In light of the increasing penetration of Russian mercenaries in Libya with unspecified support from Moscow, and some Arab countries allied with Haftar, after controlling Aljafra air base and Qardabiyah in Sirte, they are now heading south to the fields and oil ports.

The National Oil Corporation announced the arrival of a number of cars loaded with Russian mercenaries, “Wagner” and other foreigners, to the Alshararah field in the south of the country, and controlled it, and prevented workers from operating it or even staying in it, which raises the questions about the presidential council role and its government on this Russian spread and influence in Libya?

Silence is not the right thing

In this regard, the writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer said, it is not correct to be silent about this tampering with the capabilities of the people, and the National Oil Corporation should be supported in order not to stand alone in the face of gangs and mercenaries.

Al-Kabeer added, in a statement to Arraed, that he does not think that any stance from the Presidential Council could influence the tracks of the international and regional conflict, and if it is possible to move on the ground and expel the invading groups of the Alsharara field, this alone gives value to the political stance.

The GNA is missing a political initiative

For his part, journalist Ali Abu Zaid saw that the presidential council lost a political initiative due to the lack of a clear vision, and therefore its actions are based on expected reactions, slowly and poorly.

Abu Zaid added, in a statement to the Arraed, that he believes that Wagner’s control of military sites in the south, in addition to oil installations, is one of the results of this inaction, diplomatic escalation and movement within the Security Council, and finding an alliance formula with countries that the Russian presence represents a security threat must be a priority for the GNA without any delay.

the situation is dangerous

Member of the Supreme Council of the State Abdulrahman Al-Shater said that the entry of the Wagner militants to the oil fields, including the Alsharara field, means that the oil resources are in their hands and “even if the oil ports are delivered to the National Oil Corporation, they will only be able to export air from them.”

Al-Shater added, in a statement to Arraed, that the situation has become dangerous, and there is nothing on the horizon indicating “Al-Sarraj has the ability to solve these problems”. Because the situation is getting more complicated every day, the invaders and “I mean France, Russia, the Emirates and Egypt” will not leave an opportunity to achieve stability in Libya, they will conspire against it and spoil it.

The Presidential Council remains silent in front of this Russian incursion without action, and if it does, it will still move in the context of issuing statements condemning any act like this.

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