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In response to the killing of the children of the capital, The “Peace Storm” on the outskirts of Tarhuna.

Saturday witnessed a new chapter in Operation “Peace Storm” as the ground forces supported by the air force advanced towards Tarhuna City as part of the process launched by the GNA to protect the capital from the systematic and repeated targeting by the militias of its densely populated neighborhoods, and in response to the increased frequency of shelling while residents stay in their homes in compliance with the ban imposed to confront the Corona pandemic.

The Haftar militias, which went crazy after losing the western coastal cities , began throwing lava on the residents of the capital, who were safe in their homes, killing a number of civilians, including children.

Towards Tarhuna

The Libyan army spokesman, Colonel Pilot Mohamed Qanunu, said that the Air Force carried out two combat sorties that targeted 5 locations, including the rear locations of the Haftar militias in Tarhuna, in preparation for the advance of the ground forces.

The Operation “Volcano of Anger ” said on its official page, that the army forces stormed the Al-Hawatim camp in Tarhuna and captured 20 fleeing militia fighters, in addition to capturing 102 others in the total military operations so far, and it seizd 5 armed vehicles, a Hauser cannon, 4 tanks, and 4 Military vehicles and a mortar launcher also arrested a criminal involved in the execution of 3 civilians on February 15th, as they passed on the coastal road.

The army forces continued their progress towards Tarhuna and tightened their control over the areas of Al-Rawajeh and Ashridat, which the Kani militias take as a starting point for the raid on the coastal road and the kidnapping and killing of civilians on the identity.The army forces also advanced to what is known as the “Alguma” Trianglel and Al-Weif Gate from Gharyan side, in preparation for the next stage of the military operations.

Targeting children

The Haftar militia poured out their rage over the past two days, that it had lost the cities of the West Coast on civilians on the capital and rained them with their indiscriminate shells. Among the dead were several children.

The Center for Field Medicine and Support confirmed the killing of the child, Abdulghaffar Abdulhamid (16 years), after shells landed in the Al-Shouk Road area in front of the “Royal” clinic, and 3 members of his family were wounded.

The Operation Volcano of Anger added that the child, 5-year-old Jamal Al-Rubaie, was also killed, and his brothers, Qusai, Razan and Rubin, were wounded, after the militias of Haftar targeted the homes of citizens on Traiq Alsour area in the capital, Tripoli, with Grad rockets.

“Peace Storm “

On March 26, President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Asarraj, launched the “Peace Storm” military operation in response to the ongoing attacks by Haftar militias on Tripoli neighborhoods.

Immediately after the start of the operation, the army forces managed to defeat the Haftar militia and force it to leave the cities of the western coast of Tripoli in less than 24 hours, as well as shooting down 3 fighters for the Haftar militia “Sukhoi 22”, and cut its supply lines, including targeting a military cargo plane in the vicinity of Tarhuna, The army forces intensified its targeting of militia gatherings at Alwittia Air Force Base, southwest of Tripoli.

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