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In response to repeated violations … “Peace Storm” achieves military victories and pushes Haftar militia back .

As usual, the militia of Haftar continued to violate the cease-fire, and did not pay attention to the humanitarian truce that a number of countries in the world called on to give the government an opportunity to confront the epidemic of Corona after recording its first infection, so these militias attacked in the axes of Ain Zara and Wadi Al-Rabi’h, and today they launched a failed attack on the axis west of Sirte.

The humanitarian truce which Haftar agreed to falsely, during which his militias forgot about humanity and indiscriminately fired rockets on innocent people in the areas of Abusleem, Ain Zara, and Hey Dimashq neighborhood, and Asabaa area leaving a number of civilian casualties who stayed in their homes in compliance with instructions issued in the face of the Corona virus.

Alwittya Operation

Libyan army forces launched the “Storm of Peace” operation, at dawn on Wednesday, in response to the sources of fire and the mobilization of the Haftar militia and its mercenaries who tried to advance, and hit their fire sources in the axes south of Tripoli.

The “Peace Storm” started with a spesific operation at the Alwittya base, in which it captured 27 members of the Haftar militias, including 3 officers with the rank of colonel, and seized ammunition stores, and destroyed a military plane stationed at the base.

The media center for Operation Volcano of Anger confirmed that the Libyan Air Force continued to carry out limited strikes at Alwittia Air Force Base, after the specific operation carried out by the army last Wednesday.

The military forces are advancing

In response to the failed attempt by the Haftar militias, the army forces in the axes south of Tripoli launched a massive military operation in several axes and took control of new positions and seized the military vehicles of the Haftar militias.

The army forces announced their control over Atogar region and large parts of the Atwaisha area, and advanced to new positions in Alahia Albaria and Caserma axis and several other axes.

Desperate attempt

For his part, the Libyan army spokesman, Colonel Pilot Mohamed Qanunu, said that the army forces repelled an attempt to advance by Haftar mercenaries in the Sirte_Aljufra axis, after Emirati planes launched two raids on the position of the army forces in the region.

Qanunu added, in a press statement, that the army forces seized a number of armed vehicles, a “Grad” vehicle, and a tank, for the militia of Haftar, and succeeded in destroying a number of them.

It appears that the “Storm of Peace” was not a peace on the invading militias of Tripoli, which incurred heavy losses in lives and equipment and were forced to retreat kilometers away from their positions in the axes of Tripoli.

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