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In light of the security grip of Hifter in Benghazi .. Can anyone dare to demand an end to the aggression against the capital?

Many are trying to defend Hifter and its militias in the eastern region by portraying them as seeking to build a civil state away from exclusion and allowing citizens to express their views and that everyone has the right to talk about all matters, especially politics.

These attempts, once they come out in public, they find themselves in a critical situation, due to the strict measures taken by the security elements in Benghazi in particular and the eastern region in general, from the arrest and enforced absence, and sometimes the matter reaches execution and the throwing of dead bodies in the streets to intimidate the people, and to deliver a message that those who come out against us find themselves thrown in the garbage, which was revealed on several occasions.

Serqiwa and rejection of the war

Immediately after declaring the war on Tripoli, the deputy in the House of Representatives, Tobruk Siham Serqiwa, revealed her position rejecting the war on the capital and demanded at that time to form a government of national unity with the participation of the various parties.

The words of Serqiwa did not go down well with Hifter and his supporters, which led them to storm her house and assault her, and her husband was beaten before being driven to an unknown location since the date of “17-7-2019”. No one knows her fate until this moment.

There is no place for peace with Hifter

Like Sirqiwa … The supporters of Hifter were surprised by a video clip of a number of Benghazi youth, who were delivering a statement of an initiative they called “the National Peace Initiative” to stop the war, let the voice of reason prevail , and reject hate speech and violence.

Everyone knows that Hifter caused this war and cut off the voice of reason and preferred the sound of the gun heading to Tripoli to attack it militarily; As happened to Sarqiwa, the security forces were quick to arrest a number of these youths according to identical sources from civil society organizations in Benghazi.

The same sources confirmed that the rest of the youth participating in the initiative are vulnerable to kidnapping and arrest from all security services in Benghazi because of their boldness in launching a peace initiative and rejecting war.

Hifter sends several messages every time he comes out to the world talking about maintaining security and safety and protecting the rights of citizens to express their opinion and live in a decent life in which everyone is equal under the law; but in reality on the ground is opposite to that starting with Mahmoud Alwarfeli putting his own laws in the streets of Benghazi and ending with the arrest of all those who dare to oppose the ideology of Hifter and his war to seize power.

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