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In light of Hifter’s obstruction of the military track and his continued targeting of civilians … Will the political negotiations succeed?

The UN, through its envoy, Salama, will continue in an attempt to find a political solution to the crisis in Libya through the Geneva political talks that will be launched next Wednesday, according to what Salama told Reuters. He witnessed Haftar’s intransigence in the meetings of the 5 + 5 Military Committee, which also failed to lead to an agreement ending the war in southern Tripoli.

Expect failure

Political analyst Abdullah Al-Kabeer said, he does not expect the success of the political negotiations as long as there has been no significant progress on the military track, due to hardening Hifter’s camp and his refusal to back down from the idea of ​​controlling by force.

Al-Kabeer added, in a statement to Arraed, that if Hifter continues his threatening scenario in the outskirts of the capital Tripoli, all subsequent dialogues, whether political or military, will fail.

The chances of success are slim

Political analyst Faraj Derdour said that there will be no political success if Hifter is not militarily defeated, because political negotiations depend on what is happening on the ground, so politics cannot be practiced with the presence of rifles.

And Dordour, in a statement to Arraed, stated that the gap between the government of reconciliation and Hifter is great, and the problems are great, especially that Hifter dreams of full control over Libya and does not accept participation in democracy.

You might stumble

Whereas, the journalist and writer Mohamed Ghemim explained, that all political, economic or military dialogues 5 + 5 all lack clear international support or sincere international will that wants to end the crisis, and on the other hand Hifter insists on the military option and this may lead to stumbling of Negotiations.

Ghemim added, in a statement to the Arraed, that the negotiations will not have a major role, and that Hifter’s intransigence is a front for raising the ceiling, not more, not less, because once entering the negotiations with their actual framework, Hifter and his project will go to non-consideration given that any detente in the political direction will be at the expense Military track.

There is a negotiating party in the Geneva political dialogues and that is the Supreme Council of State which still insists on not participating in political dialogue until progress is made on the military track, so how can Salama launch the dialogue?

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