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In connection with criminal cases … Haftar and Bin Salman are wanted by US courts.

Similar to the international demands for international judicial lawsuits against a number of people wanted for committing crimes related to human rights, the most prominent list of wanted by US courts, is topped by Arabs according to international newspapers, Haftar and Bin Salman.

American media revealed that a court in Washington issued an order to summon the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, and 13 Saudi officials and employees, two of them residing in the United States, in a lawsuit filed by the former Saudi intelligence man, “Saad Al-Jabri,” accusing bin Salman and his companions of trying to lure him and assassinate him in the manner of killing Journalist “Jamal Khashogji”.

Al-Jabri fled with his life more than 3 years ago after obtaining the documents of the lawsuit filed in Washington against Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, accusing him of sending a team to assassinate him in America and Canada, they were seeking important recordings.

Encouraging Russia to intervene in Syria

According to the Russian “News Re” website, one of the documents indicates that at least two meetings were held between Al-Jabri and the former CIA director, John Brennan, during which the American side expressed its dissatisfaction with “Saudi Arabia’s encouragement of Russian intervention” in Syria.

The site indicated that shortly before his dismissal in September 2015, Saad Al-Jabri participated in two official meetings with “Brennan”, and after one of these two meetings, it was reported that the Saudi crown prince was angry with al-Jabri. Because he raised in his talks with “Brennan” the issue of Mohammed bin Salman’s contacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Follow him in Canada and America

Al-Jazeera Net revealed that it obtained the documents of the lawsuit filed by former Saudi intelligence officer Saad Al-Jabri in Washington against Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, accusing him of sending a team to assassinate him in America and Canada in pursuit of important recordings.

The documents indicated that the invitation accuses the Saudi Crown Prince, whom it refers to as Muhammad bin Salman, of forming a team of three people to arrange the killing of Al-Jabri , Badr Al-Asaker, Saud Al-Qahtani and Ahmed Al-Asiri, all of whom are his top aides.

The lawsuit confirms that Bin Salman sent a team to assassinate him during his stay in Boston in 2017, and that he tried for months to deploy secret agents in the United States in an attempt to track down the whereabouts of the former officer.

After those attempts failed, the Saudi Crown Prince sent another team to assassinate Al-Jabri in Canada, two weeks after the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashogji inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018.

Haftar is like Bin Salman

Haftar, who took the path of Bin Salman, the uncrowned King of Saudi Arabia and one of his most important financiers, in committing the most heinous crimes against civilians before announcing the aggression against Tripoli, and after his aggression that lasted for a year and two months, was not without the acts of executions and indiscriminate killing by machines of war, displacement and abuse that were led by direct orders from him.

Libyan families, whose relatives were killed or injured, have sought refuge in the District Court in Washington, to file a lawsuit against Khalifa Haftar and the United Arab Emirates for war crimes and human rights violations.

The “Transnational Business Attorneys Group” law firm issued a statement on behalf of 6 Libyan families, in which it said that the prosecutors highlight the serious human rights violations and killings and torture in which the defendants were subjected to.

A statement issued by the office stated that Haftar encouraged and participated in crimes, specifically torture, which constitute war crimes, and this inhuman behavior is a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, the United Nations Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the constitutions of the United States.

As for the United Arab Emirates, the statement stated that the Libyan families had filed a lawsuit against them, for supporting Haftar with money and weapons, and considered them a partner in the war crimes committed in Libya.

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