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In anticipation of a repetition of the Ghadames Forum scenario … the mission is brandishing sanctions against those obstructing the dialogue.

The Acting Head of the United Nations Mission in Libya, Stephanie Williams, confirmed, during her meeting with the women political activists, that the ceasefire agreement will be endorsed by the Security Council, and that there will be sanctions against those obstructing the ceasefire agreement by the Security Council.

Williams explained that the mission will cooperate with the administration of “Facebook”, to close all accounts that broadcast hate speech and incitement that are fueling the situation in Libya.

Set controls

The writer Mohammed Ghemim said that the nature of the mission’s work requires setting controls for its outputs, and that there are some personalities or entities that have pledged themselves to an external agenda that will not stop tampering with the fate of the Libyans, unless there is a real deterrent that stops them, and this deterrent in the situation of Libya can only come through an international body such as the United Nations mission, and its cooperation with the Security Council.

Ghemim clarified, in a statement to Arraed, that the mission is interested in the success of any consensus, indicating that the mission took note of the necessity of having a punishment policy to cut off the way to internal parties, especially international parties, noting that the most prominent weakness in the previous political agreement is that there were no clear sanctions for spoilers.

immunization of steps

For his part, writer Abdulaziz Al-Ghanai stressed that the UN mission is trying to immune its next steps by adopting a new consensual presidential structure, and to address the mistakes of the past represented in the failure to implement the provisions of the Skhirat Agreement, which was also sponsored by the UN.

Al-Ghanai added, in a statement to Arraed, that locking bloggers’ pages is a leap in the air, contrary to the personal freedom laws granted by the administrations of social media sites, indicating that the ban on content has its foundations and clauses, and is currently in effect, especially against content that incites hatred, terrorism and anti-Semitism, according to him.

Al-Ghanai believed that the situation in Libya and accusations to bloggers of increasing division and polarization is not the right of the mission, but at the same time a good indicator for the mission, and he is also a source of fear that the mission will exploit its role in implementing its own agenda on the Libyans.

Determine The Intentions

The journalist and writer, Ali Abo Zaid, said: The UN mission must determine what is meant by obstructing the dialogue, so criticizing the procedures and refusing the mission to go beyond the task of sponsoring the dialogue to controlling its outputs is a basic right of the Libyans, and they have the right to express it.

Abo Zaid said, in a statement to Arraed, that the talk about closing private Facebook accounts under the pretext of hate speech and incitement seriously indicates silencing any dissent or critical voice to the mission’s actions that are considered unprofessional and exceed its powers.

Abo Zaid explained that, as the mission is a mediator between the parties, it must show a great deal of flexibility and openness to everyone, and not rush to finish the settlements without decisive solutions for problems that may have a negative impact later on, on the success of the settlement.

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