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In addition to the two recovered bodies, another 70 bodies are expected to be found in a new location in the agricultural project in Tarhuna.

The head of the management Council of Tarhuna municipality, Mohammed Al-Kisher, said on Wednesday that the new site for mass graves in the 5-kilo agricultural project in the city of Tarhuna, from which two individual bodies have so far been recovered, contains more than 70 bodies.

Al-Kishar explained in a statement to Arraed that according to the assurances received from reports and eyewitnesses that the new site contains more than 70 bodies, it is expected that these bodies will be of 72 people who were removed from the support and judicial prisons and executed after hearing the news of the killing of Mohsen al-Kani.

How was the execution done?

Regarding the method of execution , Al-Kishar clarified that Haftar’s Al-Kani militia has removed the prisoners, most of them from Tarhuna’s, and they were executed in the Judiciary Prison and the Support Prison, and they were transported by a “canter” transport vehicle and buried in separate places, and they are expected to be in the “5 Kilos” project.

When does he finish exhuming the corpses?

Al-Kishar confirmed that the General Authority for Search and Identification of Missing Persons will soon announce the completion of the search for the first site, “Harouda site”, which has an area of ​​two and a half acres, which contained 25 mass graves and a number of individual graves.

How many bodies were recovered from Alrabit project?

With regard to the statistics of the exhumed bodies, Al-Kisher replied that some graves contained two bodies and others contained 11 piled bodies. The total number of bodies recovered from Alrabit project reached 161 corpses.

What is the story of the bodies near to Alrabit project, which the Commission has not announced yet?

Al-Kisher explained that near the first cemetery in Alrabit project known as “Harroda Hwaza” there is a farm where remains were recovered from intermittent corpses. It was not known until now whether it was one or more corpses.

The Search and Identification of Missing Persons Authority has not announced it yet nor has it determined the number of corpses as a result of being chipped by the plow; They were buried by Al Kani militia close to the surface, as well as being mixed with the bones of dead animals.

The authority’s teams are still working on determining the number of corpses, searching the entire place and separating the bones of the corpses from the bones of these animals.

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