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In a sign of the military rule in the eastern region .. Hifter forms a committee to confront “Corona” and questions appear on the surface: What is the role of Althni ?

In another evidence that the eastern region is governed by a dictatorial instrument represented by the leader of the aggression against Tripoli, Khalifa Hifter, and another evidence also of his interference in civil affairs, and his interference with the state’s institutions and its civil apparatus.

Hifter decides to form a supreme committee to combat the Corona epidemic in the eastern region, which raises many questions about the interference of what his followers call the army commander in civil matters and issues.

Another indication of military rule

This measure is a clear indication of Hifter’s interference in civil affairs, which was not the first since he imposed himself on the Libyan issue. He had previously sacked mayors of municipalities chosen in a democratic process and elected from their region’s residents, and instead appointed military officers whom he chose personally .

What is the role of Althni?

The question that poses itself here, where is the government of Althni, its ministers and officials, and what are their tasks? What remains for the army in this case other than to interfere in political and civil affairs.

Hifter’s decision to form a committee to provide all the technical, medical and security needs, and to be chaired by the chief of staff, Abdulrazzaq Alnadhuri, under his authority, a number of ministers and civil officials.

Under the authority of the committee will also be an advisory committee composed of a number of specialists chosen by Hifter himself, and neither the parallel government nor the Ministry of Health, which is supposed to take charge of everything related to combating this epidemic have chosen or proposed it, and it has the right to cooperate and coordinate with relevant international organizations.

What must be confirmed here, and what the Hifter followers must understand, is that Hifter wants to govern and control everything, and this he does publicly in the eastern region, and he wants to apply it to the entire Libyan soil, through the aggression he is waging on Tripoli which caused the killing of thousands and the displacement of hundreds of thousands and the destruction of citizens’ homes and infrastructure of the country and also caused students to be deprived of their schools, in addition to closing the lifeline of Libyans and causing living crises for citizens and the economy of the country.

We do not forget to question and ask about the opinion and role of activists and the channels of Hifter and the intellectuals and those who say that Hifter does not want to rule and has nothing to do with government, what is their opinion on the clear and blatant interference of Hifter in the political and civil affairs.

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