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Huwaili: The Tunis Dialogue succeeded in breaking the ice and accomplished 75% of its clauses.

A member of the Supreme Council of State, Abdulqader Huwaili, said, on Wednesday, that the Libyan political dialogue in Tunisia succeeded in breaking the ice between some personalities, and succeeded by 75% in completing the papers that were put on the dialogue table.

Huwaili explained, in a statement to Arraed, that the mission put forward four items on the dialogue table, which are the roadmap for the preliminary stage for a comprehensive solution and completion of general elections, the terms of reference and powers of the executive authority, the conditions for running for the functions of the executive authority, and the mechanisms for nomination and selection.

Huwalli stressed that all the items were agreed upon except for the nomination and selection mechanisms, indicating that the reason for stumbling in the fourth item lies on the United Nations mission to select the participating personalities from the Eastern Region, according to him, as it made the Tobruk Parliament Speaker Aqeela Saleh a majority of 16 out of 24 participants, and these insist the condition that the choice of Barqa’s representative in the presidency be from them, who is Aqeela, which was rejected by the rest of the members of Barqa and the other regions, according to him.

Huwaili added that after the pressure of the participants, the mission agreed in a secret vote inside the hall that executive authority positions in the preliminary stage will not be assumed by the , members of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the State, the Government of National Accord and the parallel government, and the “armed leadership levels,” indicating that this vote requires a consensus majority of 75% of the participants.

It is worth noting that the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum in Tunis concluded, on Sunday, its sessions, and another session will be conducted via video technology for the participants on the 18th of November under the auspices of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, to complete the discussion of the items.

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