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Human Rights Watch: Hifter militias used cluster bombs to kill civilians.

Hanan Saleh, the first researcher for the Middle East and North Africa division at Human Rights Watch, confirmed that during her stay in Tripoli, she had documented crimes committed by Hifter militias that reach Confirmed war crimes, in which prohibited cluster bombs were used.

In an interview with Human Rights Watch, Hanan confirmed that it had documented enforced disappearances, unjustified killings of fighters and the mutilations of corpses of those killed in confrontations, in addition to air strikes and drone strikes, and the killing of civilians in their homes with artillery shelling.

Hanan indicated that the Hifter militia is the party responsible for the killing of most of the civilian victims, given its air superiority and the killing of most of the victims in air strikes.

It is worth noting that Human Rights Watch revealed, in a report last February, that it had found the remains of two RBK-250BTAP 2,5M cluster bombs, and high-explosive bombs dropped by Hifter aircraft Last December, on a residential area adjacent to Al-Asfah Road, south of Tripoli.

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