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Human Rights Commission in Libya: Migrants in the eastern region are subjected to slavery.

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya revealed that there are illegal immigrants from Yemen and Somalia who are being held in detention centers in the eastern region, where they are subjected to slavery.

The commission stated, according to its official page, Monday, that the director of the detention center employs migrants outside the center and forces them to clean and work for long hours and refuses to allow them to leave even though 4 of them have obtained work permits for the year 2021 and have passports.

The commission held the head of the immigration authority in the eastern region responsible for the safety of migrants, calling on him to stop the recklessness of the head of the center who prevents the migrants from communicating with anyone and requesting assistance according to the text of the commission’s statement.

The commission affirmed that international organizations are following the file of migrants and will not allow further exploitation and slavery, calling on the UN mission, the Office of the High Commissioner and the criminal court team to follow up on their situation and immediately release them.

It is worth noting that the Libyan Crimes Watch Organization said last Sunday that civilians detained in the eastern region are subjected to beatings, psychological torture, electric shocks, death threats and confessions made under torture.

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