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How will Istanbul two Memorandums contribute to repelling Hifter’s aggression?

Libya has signed a security and maritime understanding agreement with Turkey aimed at strengthening the GNA’s ability to control security, stability and combat terrorism. It ensures the fight against illegal immigration and information exchange and covers all aspects needed by the GNA and security agencies, in addition to training and exchange of expertise.

Understanding Agreement, Beginning of The track

Military expert Adel Abdel Kafi considered the understanding agreement as the beginning of the correct security, military and political track. This will affect in a positive way the political support of the presidential council and will have positive repercussions on the security and military situations in exchanging security information.

Abde-lkafi said in a statement to Arraed that the agreement will contribute to reducing regional and international interventions that support the conflict in Libya, and send weapons, ammunition and mercenaries to Libyan territory, considering it a deterrent to these regional and international interventions.

He also pointed out that Libya in its current situation needs security, military and political cooperation; to support stability and help in the training of fighters and containing them within the security services and the military establishment, and will be the first steps to resolve the problem of armed Militias that are troubling the internal situation and the international community.

Strong regional back

Press writer Abdullah Al-Kabir said in a statement to Arraed that the Government of General Accord, by signing this agreement, has obtained a strong regional backing to support it in the face of the hostile axis after signing this agreement.

Al-Kabir said in a statement to Arraed that the memorandum of understanding benefits the GNA in obtaining the political support it needs in the upcoming international negotiations on Libya, and it could also benefit from assistance related to the security and military aspects.

An important communication channel :

For his part, writer Ali Abu-Zayd said that the great rapprochement with Turkey through the signing of the agreement is an important communication channel that Ankara will provide to the Presidential Council with both Washington and Moscow through their balanced relationship and their great experience in managing the conflict, which represents a contact line between the interests of each, which began to appear in Libya.

Abu Zeid said in a statement to Arraed that this agreement is the beginning of the strategic partnership with Turkey and the establishment of a regional axis that will enable the GNA  to face the tyranny project supported by Egypt and the UAE, he said.

Abu Zeid explained that the Turkish contribution in dealing with the Libyan crisis will give greater weight after the signing of the agreement, especially as it became nearly the state with the common border with Libya.

Give us a non-existent role :

In the same context, political analyst Ahmed al-Ruyati that the memorandum will help Turkey to stop the action of other countries because it introduced Libya as part of the border.

Al-Ruyati said in a post that the memorandum will ease the burden on Turkey and strengthen it, because it will play the role on behalf of Libya in order to disturb Egypt, Greece, and Greek Cyprus, and this does not constitute any harmful commitment to Libya, but it gave us a non-existent role.

Will this agreement result in a significant change in repelling the aggression against Tripoli? How will it affect regional and international situations?… Questions we will find sufficient answers in the coming period after the parameters of this agreement become clearer.

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