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How will Biden’s arrival to the US presidency affect the Libyan crisis?

After a fierce competition in the US presidential elections, the victory of the Democratic Party candidate “Joe Biden” was declared over US President “Donald Trump” to become the 46th president in the history of the United States of America.

Biden’s victory came after four years of Trump’s controversial policies, policies that affected Libya, which lived through a period of wars and foreign interventions that led to the presence of thousands of mercenaries on its soil in the absence of an American vision for the Libyan crisis, but the question now is: Does the Biden administration have a different policy to the Trump administration or will the situation remain as it is?

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Journalist and writer Ali Abo Zaid believes that the US position will not change much regarding the Libyan crisis after Joe Biden took over the US presidency, as he is linked to one of the constants of US foreign policy which is rejecting the Russian military presence in North Africa and the southern Mediterranean shores.

Abo Zaid said in a statement to Arraed, that it may happen in relation to Washington’s dependence on a European partnership more than its reliance on the Turkish position – according to him.

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For his part, writer Abdulaziz Al-Ghanai said: Biden’s assumption of the presidency will have an indirect effect on Libya, meaning that Biden could “trim the nails” of some of the intervening regional countries in Libya.

In a statement to Arraed, Al-Ghanai added that among these countries specifically the ones supporting Haftar, which exploited its lobbies in the Trump administration to try to market Haftar as ruler of Libya by force of arms, indicating that the pressure on the Gulf states that support Haftar to stop their hand from Libya will certainly be a positive, as he put it.

Al-Ghanai explained that according to Biden’s positions, he does not enjoy a good relationship with the Turkish presidency, which may somehow affect the regional balance in general, expecting that Libya will not be one of his priorities, especially with the deterioration of US-Chinese trade relations, the problems of the nuclear agreement with Iran and the position of the previous administration on the Paris Agreement, for the climate.

Change is possible

Political analyst Mohammed Ghemim said that usually US policy does not change much with the change of the president, as it is not based on coup positions, but rather established institutions and clear interests.

In a statement to Arraed, Ghemim added that the new US president, “Joe Biden” knows Libya well and had previously visited it while he was a member of Congress, pointing out that American policy is governed by institutions in which power is distributed horizontally between the legislative, the executive and the judiciary.

Ghemim explained that change is possible with the nature of the democrats that are more inclined to theorize and debate than impulsivity and clash, and in the quiet nature of “Joe Biden”. Perhaps there will be more respect for the issue of human rights and freedoms and the rejection of the incursion and brutality of dictatorships, and this is possible and helps to limit some roles in the Arab region, especially in some Arab countries that It seeks the continuation of chaos in Libya, according to him.

And Ghemim noted that if we want to benefit from the new scene in America, we must overcome our differences and reach a settlement that convinces everyone that we are able to manage our country and communicate in order to support its stability and development, and then we will be able to benefit from the new president and the rest of the actors in the American scene, as he put it.

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