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How do mail votes complicate the outcome of the US presidential race?

Fierce election battles took place between Trump and Biden on polling day, but the 2020 elections define a special challenge which is the multiplication of mail votes, which each candidate views differently. There are expectations that the mail votes will determine the winner of the presidential race.

Votes cast by mail complicate the process of calculating the final results in the presidential race between Republican candidate Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, as more than 100 million Americans cast their votes early before Election Day, of whom 64 million voted by mail according to media estimates, for various reasons, including the precautionary measures, taken by the country in the face of the Corona pandemic.

And a number of states began counting votes on polling day, and it is expected that these votes will continue to be counted for several hours and possibly days. The New York Times newspaper, which prepared a lengthy report on the complexity of the counting results, notes that the number of mail-in votes doubled in the 2020 elections from its predecessor.

Among the most critical states that are expected to have the final say in the results, Pennsylvania, whose Democratic Governor Tom Wolf said that there are more than a million votes in the mail that have not yet been counted, at a time when Trump had anticipated events and said he was confident of winning this state.

“ABS News” said in its forecast that the votes in Pennsylvania would not be fully counted until Friday, at the very least. The same source does not rule out that the state will go to the Supreme Court in the event that the dispute rages between Republicans and Democrats over the counting of votes in this state, especially the votes expressed before polling day, but not received until later, and the court may decide that they are null votes.

However, The Associated Press says these votes could be counted in Pennsylvania if they arrive a maximum of three days after the election.

There are concerns for Democrats that the millions of votes that arrived in the mail will not be counted. The New York Times quoted Michael MacDonald, an election observer professor, that by Tuesday, 28 million votes had not entered the counting system, but that there was still time to count all the votes.

The counting of votes also began in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia, which are also critical states. “SSN” Channel expects these votes to favor Biden, who encouraged Democrats and sympathizers to vote early, for many reasons, including easing pressure on minorities and those who vote for the first time, especially since voting on polling day gives Trump a priority.

Among the states in which the mail voices dilemma exists is North Carolina, as the Associated Press has not announced the victory of any candidate, even though Trump stated that he had a difference of about 77,000 votes, ahead by 1.7%, while only 5% of votes left. The agency says there are still 200,000 votes in the mail that have not yet been counted, which could give Biden a lead.

Trump is aware of this challenge, so he called for stopping voting after realizing that he had progress in some crucial states, speaking of “an attempt to steal the elections” and his desire to resort to the Supreme Court, but the US electoral law allows remote voting or what is known as absentee voting.

Veteran Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders previously stated in a television interview that a number of critical states will receive millions of votes in the mail, and that Democrats prefer this method, indicating that Trump will announce his victory after counting the votes that voted for him on polling day, but the next day, He might see a turnaround in Biden’s favor with all votes in the mail counted.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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