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HOR futility exceeded the limits, and forces us to difficult solutions, says Sawan

The head of the Justice and Construction Party, Mohamed Sawan exclaimed on Tuesday the announcement by Speaker of the House of Representatives (HOR), Aqila Saleh to go to a presidential election if there is no quorum at the voting session on the referendum law on the constitution.

“If Saleh is unable to provide a quorum for legislation that does not need a majority, then how can he do it in legislation that requires a quorum stipulated by the constitutional declaration and the political agreement,” Sawan said on his personal page, describing Saleh as being separated from the scene.

The head of the Justice and Building Party warned against reopening discussions about the rulings of the judiciary that canceled the decisions of the February Committee and its outputs.

Sawan explained that the existing bodies derive their legitimacy from the political agreement that was guaranteed by the General National Congress in the constitutional declaration at its last session before turning to the Supreme Council in application of the political agreement recognized locally and internationally by Security Council resolutions.

The party’s leader said that what he described as “Agila Saleh’s tampering in the House of Representatives and obstructing all the efforts of local and international parties has exceeded all considerations,” stressing that there is no turning back and that the patience of Libyans will end.

The House of Representatives spokesperson said on Monday that the speaker of the House stated that if a quorum is not available in the next session to vote on the referendum law on the Constitution, they will go to elect a temporary president.

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