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Hifter and Turkey .. From the media threat to asking for help from the Security Council.

Since Turkish President Rejep Tayyip Erdogan announced his country’s support for the legitimate government of Libya, the GNA, Hifter has not stopped making statements and threats to Turkey through his spokesman Almesmari.

Hifter said in the words of al-Mesmari on more than one occasion that its members can target Turkish aircraft and ships in eastern and western Libya if Turkey does not stop supporting the legitimacy of the GNA and signing security agreements with them.

The Turkish side did not heed the statements of Hifter’s spokesperson, but had threatened Hifter and his militants after they arrested six Turkish citizens in the city of Ajdabiya;This prompted Al-Mesmari to apologize and then release the Turkish citizens a day after the statements of the Turkish Defense Ministry.

The latest Turkish stance revealed that Hifter’s courage and threat to Turkey is limited to media statements only, after he appealed to the Security Council to stop the security memorandum of understanding signed by Libya with Turkey.

In its part, the Security Council recognizes the legitimacy of the GNA, which emerged through its resolutions on Libya, which shows that the appeal of Hifter to the SecurityCouncil is only “a sign of weakness”, especially that, everyone knows that Hifter has no legitimacy as stipulated in Article 8 of the Political Agreement, through which the GNA derives its legitimacy in accordance with the United Nations.

The Security Council’s position on Hifter’s appeals and the memorandum of understanding between Ankara and Tripoli appeared publicly when the council held a meeting on Libya on Monday, urging the parties to abide by the ceasefire and not to escalate hostilities south of Tripoli, mentioning mercenaries and arms embargoes, but nevertheless did not speak even accidentally. On the file of the Memorandum of Understanding which is seen by observers as a support of this Agreement.

Hifter tries to defend his supporters at home, as they do abroad, and at the top of these countries, Egypt, which was greatly angered by the signing of the memorandum; Because it cuts the road to the Egyptian ambitions in eastern Libya and gives back to Libya the looted right in the territorial waters, which is estimated by experts as “39 km”This prompted Hifter to abandon the language of threat and use the language of plea and appeal.

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