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Hifter and the media loyal to him accuse the GNA of neglecting sovereignty … Has he preserved it?

The media supporting the Alkarama operation launched a campaign of distortion on the Memorandum of Understanding between Turkey and Libya, and it has a list of accusations, not the last, which is betraying the country and selling it to foreigners.

However, according to many, he did not speak about the statements of Alkarama leaders in accepting Egyptian interference in the Libyan dossier and supporting one party over the other.

Hifter: I am with Egypt’s interests even if it conflicts with the interests of Libya

In an interview with him on Al-Arabiya TV in May 2015, Khalifa Hifter said that he would be with Egypt even if its decision was against Libya’s interest, and when asked about the possibility of the Egyptian regime abandoning him, he answered that it is “almost impossible”.

Al-Jaroushi: Our land is open to Egyptian air strikes

Meanwhile, in February 2015, the flight commander of Hifter Saqr al-Jarushi described air strikes by the Egyptian warplanes inside the Libyan territories as a “heroic action”, adding that they have the right to strike any targets in Libya whenever they want, and that the Libyan land are always open to them and there is no consideration to any borders, he said.

Deghem: We will give oil to Egypt for free

During his phone call with an Egyptian channel in October 2016, Ziyad Deghaim, a member of the House of Representatives, said that they would provide Libyan oil free of charge to compensate for any shortage that Egypt needed, pointing out that the so-called National Sovereignty Bloc in the House of Representatives then demanded the government of Abdullah al-Thani to provide Egypt with the necessary oil shipments for free , to comensate for Saudi Aramco’s shipments.

The sessions of deputies convene in Egypt

Observers questioned the agreement to convene a session of the House of Representatives in October 2019 in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, which included the presentation of security and political issues related to the situation in Libya, according to the spokesman for the House of Representatives in Tobruk Abdullah Blaiheq.

With the concept of national sovereignty, it is assumed that the legislative body of the state is keen on it, and by making a simple comparison between all these gifts and grants by Alkarama to Egypt without charge, and between the memorandum of understanding between Turkey and Libya that was signed in November this year by a legitimate government Which contains clear clauses that preserve the Libyan state’s right to its marine resources. It is clear to all followers the difference between the two situations in preserving the state’s sovereignty and protecting its wealth, and the waste of wealth and sovereignty.

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