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Hifter and his media continue to underestimate the minds of Libyans.

In Practicing of the famous old saying, ” lie then lie until people believe you,” Hifter and his media continue to underestimate the minds of the Libyans again and again.

After the passing of 9 months of false advances and imaginary victories, here is Hifter. Again, in a recorded broadcasted by the Libyan channel, Alhadath which is being run by one of his sons, announcing a new zero hour and a decisive battle, as if what had been happening over the previous months were just military exercises.

Hifter in a speech he called the hour of the full and wide storming and the decisive battle that every Libyan is waiting for according to his words, but this zero hour did not include any specific date or date indicating the timing of its rocording or the date of its delivery, it may have been recorded at any time according to what is seen by many site Social media followers, as Haftar’s summer clothes, which he appeared in, surprised many followers, especially since he appeared before this speech in several meetings wearing winter clothes.

Lying networks

 After the speech, a massive media campaign in the channels and electronic armies loyal to him began broadcasting rumors about the progress of their forces inside the Abusleem municipality and into the oil depots, as well as the escape of members of the Presidential Council and the GNA.

Channels of the countries that support him, such as the Saudi Arabian Channel and the Emirates Sky News, were quick to publish this statement live on air, and fabricated news circulated regarding the arrival of Hifter fighters to areas inside the capital, Tripoli, Al-Arabiya published in one of its News Flashes that the clashes were taking place in largest street in the capital, and the capital’s residents awoke in astonishment because of these lies, as if this media was talking about Tripoli other than the one they live in.

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