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Hifter and his double rhetoric, between the continuation of the aggression to his supporters and the submission to the political solution in front of the international community.

Hifter has always issued a speech to his supporters that is different to that he gives to the international community about his aggression against the capital, when when he comes out to his supporters vowing to continue the war and more killing and destruction and he appears with the American ambassador as a gentle lamb agreeing to all conditions for returning to the political process.

This kind of speech was confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense when it said that Minister Sergei Shoyogo and Hifter confirm that there is no alternative to political means to resolve the situation in Libya, but the actions of Hifter militia on the ground do not reflect this speech by continuing to bomb residential neighborhoods, facilities and public facilities in Tripoli.

Two types of speech

The journalist, Ali Abu Zaid, said that Hifter uses two types of speech, an internal tactical one addressed to his supporters and expresses the truth of his authoritarian project, which knows only the language of weapons and bullets, and a loose speech directed to the international community.

Abu Zaid made it clear that Hifter deals with political efforts with a state of open welcome without committing to anything, which ultimately leads to its floatation and loss.

Hifter wants to buy time

The journalist Ibrahim Omar believes that Hifter does not want to give up the military solution, even if he shows the delegations that  visits him or meets his agreement to the political solution, but rather he seeks to gain more time to bring in mercenaries, weapons and military equipment.

Omar indicated that Hifter cannot direct the same speech to his militias because he fears losing control over them, and therefore addresses his followers and militias by waving the use of force and continuing the military solution, and shows goodwill with the international delegations he meets and appears to be seeking a political solution.

Political hypocrisy

In the same context, the writer and political analyst Mohamed Ghamim confirmed that Haftar exercises in partnership with his allies something called political hypocrisy, and this behavior is in harmony with the international position, which is absent from the sincere will to put a solution in Libya, so Haftar is a military man and stupid politically, but he is under the control of an intelligence system That guides and supervises all his actions. And Ghamim revealed that Hifter tries with his show off speeches the practice of mobilizing his gangs, which he knows well as a mixture between his supporters and the supporters of the previous regime and he flirts with them with bloody rhetoric;  because any end to the war means the end of authority which he gets from killing and violence, he pointed out that what Hifter is doing to recognize the political solution and courtesy of his visitors in his camp in Arajma is to consider the protocol and make the door open, because he can only say to his masters: Yes, sir! In the sense of military obedience, and this is what he could not hide even in his sitting in front of the American ambassador.

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