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Hifter accepts the political solution, so how will he persuade his followers to do so?

Hifter has always insisted on military decisiveness and refused political solution or any security coordination with the government of reconciliation that he is trying to overthrow, with the support of France, the Emirates, Egypt and others.

Hifter, who used to announce in every period during the months of the aggression that ten months have passed since now, that the military decision is made, declaring several times zero hours to enter and control the capital, and the last of those announcements was what his official spokesman stated, that the solution in Libya comes from the barrel of guns .

Hifter confirmed, on Saturday, to the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salama, at his headquarters in Arajmah, his participation in the Joint Military Committee 5 + 5 talks to be held in Geneva.

He also declared his acceptance of the political and economic tracks, which the UN mission is seeking to revive again, according to the closing statement of the Berlin Conference on the Libyan Crisis held on the 19th of last January.

If this is a retreat by Hifter from all his objectives that he has insisted on reaching since his announcement of the freeze on the constitutional declaration and the work of the General National Congress and the government emanating from him on the 14th of February 2014, how will he convince his supporters who pay him for the war and the arrival of the last shipment of UAE arms is the latest example.

And if this approval and waiver was true, then how would he persuade his followers, whom he deluded to take control of Tripoli within 72 hours, and come after about 10 months, and give up all the wishes he had promised them.

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