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He spends billions on buying weapons, closes oil and wages war, under the pretext of saving Libyans from the banks queues.

There were many justifications that Haftar’s media used for aggression against the capital at times to save the Libyans from the economic crisis, and the queues of banks, and sometimes for the sake of getting rid of the militias and eliminating terrorism, but the real aim was exposed to the Libyans, which is Haftar’s greed for power only.

The economic crisis and the scarcity of cash were resolved after the Presidential Council signed the economic reform package in 2018, cash was available, and the dollar exchange rate decreased to 3:86 dinars, and also most armed groups dismantled, and the Interior Ministry launched its program to unify security work in all regions of Libya, and the western region witnessed clear security stability but Haftar and his militias blew everything up with their aggression.

The real achievements of Haftar are to spend billions of dollars in buying weapons, to kill Libyans and destroy their cities and villages, and for the state to incur billions in losses, as a result of the closure of oil and borrowing from banks in the eastern region.
Instead of investing these funds in building and repairing what was destroyed by the Haftar military machine in Benghazi, Derna and Tripoli, he and his militias continue to bring in equipment with thousands and millions of dollars at the most expensive prices.

Weapons and equipment

In his military campaign on Tripoli, Haftar used many armed and expensive vehicles from Mi 24P attack helicopters to the IOMAX AT-802 light aircraft, also known as the Air Tractor. (Air Tractor) is American made
Likewise, armored “Tiger” armored personnel carriers, each with a price of $ 140,000, the Egyptian “Tiger 2” armored vehicle, Jordanian armored vehicles, and hundreds of modified 4×4 Toyota vehicles.

The 2019 UN report on Libya stated that Jordan delivered Haftar military vehicles. Among them are the vehicle “Al Mared 8 × 8 ″, and the armored vehicle“ Mbombe 6 × 6 ”
And the armor “MRAP monster” which is priced at $ 500 thousand

The British Guardian newspaper also indicated in November 2019 that the Emirates supplied Haftar with Chinese-made Winglong drones at an estimated cost ranging from one million dollars to two million dollars.
While the GNA forces discovered, when liberating Ghiryan city, last June, a number of American-made Javelin missiles, which are estimated to cost about 246 thousand dollars each.

Haftar’s debts

This was accompanied by the accumulation of Haftar’s debts that amounted to approximately 35 billion dinars outside the official banking system, through informal bonds and cash printed in Russia and deposits from banks in the eastern region in order to finance his militias, in addition to allocating an emergency budget to his militias at a value of 20 billion dinars, by the Tobruk Parliament. Last January, financial losses exceeded $ 4 billion, due to the closure of oil fields in January.

millions of dollars

In addition, the Libyan Air Force air forces destroyed 9 Russian-made air defense systems of the Pantsir type for the militia of Haftar, as the air force bombed two vehicles yesterday, one of them inside Alwittia base, and another system of the same type was targeted south of Sirte, in addition to the fourth that was destroyed In the vicinity of Ghiryan, with an estimated price of $ 14.5 million, at least for each.

A war followed by destruction

All the wars fought by Haftar, starting from Benghazi, through Derna, to Tripoli, were accompanied by great and unprecedented damage to infrastructure, private and public properties alike.

Estimates of specialists stated at the beginning of the aggression against Tripoli that the material losses are estimated at 5 billion dinars as a preliminary estimate, and that the number is increasing as long as the battles continue, while the Libyans live in most regions in successive crises, the most prominent of which is the scarcity of cash and banks queues and the rise in the price of the dollar in the parallel market, which is reflected In the high prices, which has become a haunt in the life of the citizen and constrains his livelihoods.

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