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HCS president says combating terrorism is our responsibility

The president of the High Council of State (HCS), Khaled Al-Mashri, said on Sunday during his speech at the first international conference to combat terrorism in Tripoli, it is the responsibility of all to combat the scourge of foreign terrorism in Libya.

Al-Mashri stressed the need to address the causes of terrorism and extremism first before addressing the results, explaining that the real causes of extremism and terrorism are intellectual, social, economic, political and cultural factors, which “must be faced.”

HCS president added that decision-makers should not only resort to security and military solutions, stressing the need to uproot terrorism and extremism from its intellectual roots, which requires a large role of preachers, imams, intellectuals, elites, media and politicians to consolidate the discourse of moderation, tolerance and amnesty.


On April 2, the anti-terrorist force launched Asifa Al-Watan “The homeland Storm” operation to pursue remnants of IS fugitive from Sirte.

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