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HCS president calls on HOR counterpart to meet urgently

The president of the High Council of State (HCS), Khaled Al-Mashri, called on Wednesday for the Speaker of the House of Representatives (HOR), Aqila Saleh to hold an urgent meeting between them in Tripoli or Tobruk or any place he proposes to push for political dialogue.

In a speech, Al-Mashri called on everyone to forget their differences, heal wounds of the past and make all concessions to achieve the supreme goals of the country.

Al-Mashri said the HCS will seek to activate the mechanism of transitional justice and national reconciliation, calling on all parties to give preference to the language of reason.

The president of the HCS reminded the international community of the decision of the Security Council not to cooperate and deal with the parallel and non-political bodies, calling on the UN mission in Libya to take quick steps to get out the country from the current crisis.

The High Council of State elected last Sunday, Khalid Al-Mashri president, replacing former president Abdulrahman Sewehli.

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