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Hawaili: We will form a committee to prepare forms for candidacy for sovereign positions.

A member of the Supreme Council of State, Abdulqader Hawaili, said in a statement to Arraed Saturday that the “13 + 13” committee will resume dialogue sessions in the Moroccan city of Bo_Zniqa today. To form a committee to prepare nomination forms for sovereign positions and receive and sort resumes.

Hawaili emphasized that the committee members “13 + 13” approved the outcomes of the first and second Bo_Zniqa meeting on the geographical distribution of sovereign positions and the criteria and mechanisms for assuming these positions.

Hawaili disclosed that the results of these meetings will be presented to the two chambers for final approval and start of implementation after the final selection of the rest of the executive authority in Geneva early next February.

According to the political agreement signed in 2015, the sovereign positions are: “Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Chairman of the Audit Bureau, Chairman of the Administrative Monitoring Authority, Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Chairman of the High Electoral Commission, Chairman of the Supreme Court, Attorney General.”

It is worth noting that the two Libyan dialogue delegations in the Moroccan city of Bo_Znika announced on October 4 last year that the ongoing dialogue sessions are characterized by an atmosphere of understanding and consensus on the criteria that must be observed, in selecting the occupants of the sovereign positions in accordance with Article 15 of the Agreement in Skhirat at their first and second meetings

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