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Has the Arab League failed Egypt’s project which is supporting Hifter by emphasizing on Skhirat as a reference?

The Arab League announced, on Tuesday, its rejection of external interference of any kind, and the need to return to dialogue and settle the crisis in Libya through political solutions.

The League surprised everyone, and perhaps in particular the countries of Egypt and the Emirates that support Hifter, when it spoke that the Skhirat agreement should be the only reference for a settlement in Libya.

Hifter’s fate in the agreement

Article 8 of the Skhirat Agreement provides for the transfer of all powers of the highest military, civil and security positions stipulated in Libyan laws and legislation in force to the Council of Ministers upon the signing of the agreement.

According to this article, Hifter is considered outside the legitimacy of the internationally recognized government who is the sole representative of Libya, which means that the recognition by the Parliament of Tobruk of Hifter and the designation of his militias as “the Libyan National Army” does not give him any international legitimacy; It came from Aqeela Saleh and a number of supporters of the coup against the legitimacy of the GNA.

The League embarrasses Egypt and the Emirates

Supporters of the military aggression against Tripoli at home and abroad followed the emergency session of the Arab League on Libya in the hope that the League will issue decisive decisions about Turkish intervention in the Libyan crisis and withdraw its recognition of the government of reconciliation.

The final statement of the League meeting came against the wishes of Hifter supporters, especially the UAE and Egypt, who found themselves in an unenviable position when the League announced the necessity of adopting the Skhirat agreement as the sole reference for the political settlement in Libya.

Hifter has embarked since his coup against the legitimate authority in providing loyalty to Egypt and the Emirates to obtain military support that enables him to extend his control over Libya; however, the results of the session can only be understood in one way which is that Esisi and Ibn Zayed support the man outside the legitimacy of the government that was brought by Skhirat agreement in December 17th, 2015.

Does the League statement reflect the features of the upcoming political dialogue?

The emphasis of the closing statement on the necessity of a ceasefire in Libya and a return to dialogue and the resumption of the political process according to the outputs of the political agreement “Skhirat” may reveal the features of the next stage in Libya, especially in light of the signing by the government of reconciliation of a military memorandum of understanding with Turkey, and Haftar’s inability to storm the capital after About 9 months since the start of his aggression.

All international and regional data from countries supporting Hifter indicate the difficulty of the military solution and the need to return to dialogue; however, the legitimate GNA and its army refuse any dialogue with Hifter after spoiling the Ghadames Forum and launched a treacherous military aggression on Tripoli just days before the confrence was supposed to be held in April this year.

The GNA’s position rejecting Hifter and the latter’s inability to win the battle – may prompt the countries that support him to nominate civilian names that may play a role in the coming period by coming out with a national unity government or agreeing to restruct the Presidential Council with agreed-upon civilian figures away from Hifter who preferred to rely on the gun instead of Dialogue.

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