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Haftar’s supporters normalize relations with “Israel” … Will he follow their lead?

The endless support of the UAE that it provided to Haftar in order to overthrow the Libyan state was not without cost, and without concessions that Haftar would offer it and his other supporters, Russia, Egypt, and France.

The UAE, in its malicious way, in its interventions in several countries, including Yemen and Libya, aimed at destroying the entities of the two countries; By making them walk in its orbit and under its rule and control. In Libya, Haftar was not an exception, and the support that the UAE provided to him would not pass without concessions from him, on important and fateful issues for the country of Libya, the Arab nation in general, and the Palestinian cause in particular.

The beginning of courtship and this seemed clear for some time, in clear indications of Haftar’s progress in the orbit of the Emirates, in the statements of the parallel deputy prime minister, Abdul Salam Al-Badri, who said in a letter from him addressed to the Israeli Prime Minister, “We have never been enemies with Israel, and we hope that you will support us in the meantime, to confront the reconciliation government forces, and we have a common interest.

Al-Badri called, in an interview with the Israeli newspaper, “Makor Rishon,” Israel; To sign a joint maritime agreement in cooperation with Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and Lebanon, to parallel the maritime border agreement that Libya signed with Turkey.

Appearing in Israeli media In a related context, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the parallel government, “the government of Al-Thani,” Abdel-Hadi Al-Hawaij, expressed his hope for establishing good relations with Israel.

Al-Hawaij said in an interview with the Israeli newspaper “Maariv” during his visit to the French capital, Paris, that normalization with Israel will take place if the Palestinian issue is resolved.

Military cooperation

On the other hand, the “Middle East Eye” website, in an investigation , reported that elements of the Israeli Mossad had trained Haftar’s forces, with coordination and funding from the UAE.

In the investigation, the Israeli writer Yossi Miliman reported that Israel provided exceptional support to Haftar, and this support came into effect two years ago, represented by the provision of Israeli weapons, which were arriving to Benghazi via Egypt in Emirati aircraft.

The investigation confirmed the development of Israeli support for Haftar, including sending elements of the Israeli “Mossad” to Libya; To train legions of Haftar in street warfare, they arrived in the Libyan territories through coordination with Egypt between August and September of last year 2019.

Also, Egyptian and Libyan sources revealed high-level contacts between Haftar and Israeli security officials. With the aim of coordinating security cooperation between the two sides, it confirmed the training of a special division of Haftar’s militia, involved in the attack on the capital, Tripoli.

The investigation sources said that the meeting that brought Haftar together with Israeli intelligence officials was not the first of its kind between Haftar and Israeli parties, as a previous meeting took place in one of the capitals that Haftar visited.

The Israeli writer Yossi Meliman emphasized that the Israeli role in Libya is linked to the axis that has emerged in recent years, and includes Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Egypt and Israel.

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