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Haftar’s mobilization … is it his last card or intransigence to spoil the dialogue and bring the country back into chaos?

The leader of the failed aggression against Tripoli, Khalifa Haftar, has always assumed the role of spoiler in any situation that pushes to reform the state of the country. He is striving to thwart the dialogues since he announced what is known as the “Al Karama” operation and plunged the country into a bloody conflict. In order to gain power militarily.

Start of Spoiling

In March 2019, the former head of the United Nations Mission to Libya, Ghassan Salama, announced the date of the all-inclusive national forum to bring Libyans together for settlement of the conflict, and set the period from April 14 to 16 as the date for its holding; In order to reach the roadmap proposed by the United Nations more than a year ago to solve the Libyan crisis.

At that time, Haftar used all his combat capabilities to thwart the dialogue by moving his entire militias to start the aggression before the dialogue on April 4, 2019, using the support of countries hostile to peace by supporting him with the latest military machinery, equipment and multinational mercenaries. In order to control the entire western region to gain power.

Haftar’s defeat

Despite Haftar’s mobilizations, his defeat in his aggression caused him to drag the trails of disappointment and humiliation in June 2020 from the entire western region, leaving behind the displacement of more than 300 thousand citizens, the destruction of private and public property and huge economic losses. The result of the closure of ports and oil fields exceeded $ 9 billion, according to the report of the Oil Corporation in October 2019.

Tunis dialogue to name a new government

After the defeat, rounds of dialogue to resolve the Libyan crisis politically were launched under the auspices of the United Nations Mission in Libya, the most recent of which was the Tunis Dialogue, which was launched last November. Haftar tried to thwart it by killing lawyer and activist Hanan al-Barasi in the streets of Benghazi, in front of everyone’s sight in cold blood by his militia.

Before the mission officially announced the results of the vote on the mechanism for selecting members of the new government, on December 5, a member of the Tunis Dialogue Committee, Jazia Chaaiter,of Cyrenaica withdrew, as sources confirmed to Arraed that her withdrawal came as a result of receiving several threats from Haftar and his sons.

Progress made, he tried to spoil it

Upon the progress achieved in the dialogue session and awaiting the decisive session on Monday to choose the mechanism of the executive authority, Haftar moved his militia in the Ubari area in southern Libya under the leadership of Al-Mabrouk Sahban, one of the leaders of the aggression against Tripoli. In order to take control of the “Tendy” camp, which also failed after a large mobilization of the Libyan army.

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