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Haftar’s militias assassinate human rights activist Hanan Al-Barasi in the center of Benghazi.

On Tuesday, an armed group assassinated the human rights activist Hanan Al-Barasi, known as “Azzouz Barqa”, with a number of bullets, in the center of Benghazi, in Ishreen Street, minutes after her criticism of the military rule of Haftar and his sons.

Prior to her assassination, Al-Barassi explained in a live broadcast on her official Facebook page the extent of the spread of crime in Benghazi, and the failed attempt by Haftar’s militias to kill her daughter, vowing to pursue them.

Al-Barassi accused Haftar’s militias in several sections of carrying out criminal acts in Benghazi and Derna in broad daylight and in front of everyone, explaining the extent of Haftar and his sons tampering with military ranks and giving them without any right.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International said that the killing of Hanan al-Barasi is evidence of the dangers faced by women in Libya who talk about political matters, noting that Al-Barassi announced yesterday its intention to publish a video about Saddam Haftar’s corruption.

Human Rights Watch

In the same context, the Libya researcher for “Human Rights Watch”, Hanan Saleh, called on the authorities in the east to urgently investigate and hold the perpetrators accountable, reminding them of past crimes that no one was punished for.

It is worth noting that Haftar’s militia kidnapped Representative Siham Serqiwa from her home in July 2019, and her fate remains unknown until now.

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