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Haftar was defeated on the walls of Tripoli.

427 days after the legendary steadfastness of the army forces against an aggression supported by five countries during which the finest youth of the homeland gave their lives; In defense of Tripoli, today the capital is shaking away the last of Haftar mercenaries , away from it, defeated, dragging behind it the tails of disappointment and humiliation.

After the liberation of Tripoli airport, yesterday, Wednesday, the army forces advanced on the morning of Thursday, supported by the Air Force, towards the Qasr Bin Ghashir area, and the remainder of the Wadi Al-Rabie ’area, directed the lava of its volcano towards what remains of the remnants of Haftar’s mercenaries inside the Administrative border of the Greater Tripoli.

The areas began to fall one after the other, and the army took control of the areas: Asbaya, Souk El Khamis Msaihil, and the Abu Aisha agricultural project.

The Vanguard forces of the army arrived at the gate of Fumalgha, west of Tarhuna, amid the complete collapse of the militias of Haftar and retreat, where most of them fled from the hills and roads of Bani Waleed, accompanied by convoys of the Janjaweed mercenaries.

The Air Force launched successive air strikes on the gate of fumalgha , destroying a Grad missile vehicle, an ammunition truck, and a tank, while the army forces seized many weapons and heavy machinery that Haftar militias left after escaping.

The military forces are currently beseiging the city of Tarhuna, the last stronghold of the militia of Haftar in the western region from all sides, and awaiting orders from the operations room; To advance, storm into it, and cleanse it from the last pockets of Haftar’s mercenaries.

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