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Haftar throws his militia into suppressing demonstrations in Benghazi and arrests activists.

Continuing Haftar’s work to suppress the demonstrations; to deprive the citizens of their most basic legitimate rights of freedom of opinion and expression, which are guaranteed locally and internationally, in accordance with laws and legislation, instructing his militias to disperse the demonstrations calling for the civil state in Tibesti Square yesterday evening in Benghazi.

The Tibesti demonstrations are not a spur of the moment, but rather the product of demonstrations that preceded it one week in all the cities and regions of the Eastern Region, which were met by Haftar’s militias by killing, arresting and beating activists and demonstrators who united their words expressing the deterioration of the security situation and the spread of corruption under an illegal military leadership.

Thwart the demonstration

Activist Rabie Al-Arabi Al-Zawi was arrested by unknown persons traveling in a civilian car, while he was participating in the demonstrations in Kish Square in Benghazi yesterday, where his colleagues confirmed that people belonging to Haftar wearing civilian clothes suddenly entered among the demonstrators, thwarting the demonstration by force, and arresting him in front of everyone’s sight.

Lack of security

The September 21 demonstrations witnessed the absence of the security services who failed to provide security for these demonstrations despite the organizers of the demonstrations obtaining security permits entitling them to the right to peaceful demonstration in Kish and Tibesti Square, the parallel Interior Ministry did not issue a single statement; to clarify its absence or the fate of those who were kidnapped, despite the availability of all forensic evidence for the kidnapped and the kidnappers during the protest.

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