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Haftar meets members of his militias defeated in Tripoli.

The leader of the failed aggression against Tripoli, Khalifa Haftar, met his militia members who survived the fighting axes in the south of the capital, in one of the camps on the outskirts of the eastern region after incurring defeat at the hands of the Libyan army.

And Haftar appeared, on Saturday, in his first appearance with his members after their defeat in the axes south of Tripoli, It is noted that he had been threatening since he announced the aggression on the capital, Tripoli, last April that he will meet them after they reach the center of the Martyrs Square.

It is worth noting that the Libyan army forces announced the liberation of the entire western region on June 4, from Haftar militias and their mercenaries since their aggression against Tripoli in early April 2019.

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