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Haftar and the targeting of medical centers and crews before and after Corona.

Since his aggression against the capital, Haftar has been targeting its infra-structure without exception, from its residential neighborhoods to its educational headquarters, airports and port, and its health facilities were no exception.

Although IHL strictly prohibits any attacks against hospitals, other medical facilities, and medical crews – Haftar continues to ignore all laws regarding not targeting civilians, infrastructure, and medical staff.

According to the United Nations statistics, 27 health care facilities were affected to varying degrees due to the proximity of the clashes, 14 of which were completely closed, and 23 other facilities are at risk of closure if the front lines change, in addition to 58 attacks on medical staff and health facilities during 2019.

 Bombing field hospitals

Last year, at least 61 attacks on medical staff were recorded, killing more than 20 and wounding about 25 others, including doctors and paramedics, when targeted by Haftar forces directly, whether they were in ambulances or in field hospitals, and also targeted 35 ambulances since the start of their aggression on Tripoli.

Targeting the largest hospitals in the capital

After the spread of the Corona virus in the world and the emergence of its first cases in Libya, and with the international call for a truce to allow local authorities to address the virus and its spread – Haftar responded quickly to this invitation.

His militia fired a mortar shell at the back gate of the Tripoli central Hospital, causing a severe injury to one citizen, Hala Salem Ali, 38, who was seriously wounded in the head.

Less than two days before the Haftar militias targeted the 400-bed Alkhadra Hospital, one of the healthcare facilities dedicated to receiving Corona patients.

At a time when the administration of Alkhadra Hospital was preparing itself to announce the healing of the first case infected with the Corona virus , these militias showered it with Grad rockets, wounding one of the health care workers, and damaged the medical facility and disrupted its electrical generator, which forced his administration to evacuate and transfer patients suffering from serious cases out of the hospital.

Haftar and his militias in their delusion and indifference to what the country is going through,from a complicated war crisis, economic dire straits and the spread of the corona , the country has been suffering for years from poor health care , weak medical facilities, there no diffrence for them between the a military man, a civilian or a doctor, they are all legitimate targets for the sake of controling the capital, as they say “I either rule you or kill you.

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