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Haftar and his militias claim they are protecting the people… and shut off water at the time of the epidemic.

We all know that when the national army of the state controls any area, security, safety, tranquility, justice and law prevail in the country quickly, and the state institutions can operate with ease and provide services to citizens, as the army usually protects borders and important and strategic state facilities, such as electricity networks, and water stations and networks.

The Haftar gangs, which falsely call themselves an army and claim to control large areas of Libya, where the worst human violations occur, and the citizen lacks the simplest services, these gangs attacks the institutions that provide services to the people, and here we refer to the water system project that narrates the thirst of the Libyans and meets their need for water .

Cutting water supplies from people is denied by all religions and , laws hold accountable for that, it is a crime against humanity, and an attack on the people’s needs, no one can deny that water is the most important thing in life , there is no life without water.

The closure of water by an armed group on the cities of Western Libya and the mountain area, especially since the sites where the water system exist are under the control of the Haftar militias that claim to be an army ,confirming that these militias are only groups of criminals who are wanted by justice and law.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed that cutting off water on the capital, Tripoli and cities in the west, is another crime that adds to the crimes of “war criminal Haftar”, and is a violation of human rights, domestic and international laws.

In a statement, the Ministry of the Interior added that these groups and the individuals associated with Haftar are only criminals who commit the most appalling and serious war crimes, and if they are not stopped by national and international laws, they will be ready to commit more.

The Ministry of the Interior stressed that the crime of cutting water in these circumstances and in light of the efforts made to combat corona is an act that exposes the lives of children and families to severe harm that may lead to catastrophic repercussions on the population, and we are in a state of health emergency and curfew, which requires the flow of water to the residents of the capital and protect them from inevitable dangers.

The Ministry of Justice, for its part, said that the crimes of Haftar militia are documented and the perpetrators will be brought to justice. In its condemnation, the Ministry stressed that the serious crimes committed by the Haftar militia during the recent period indicate only the wretchedness of its perpetrators.

In a statement published on its official page, the ministry confirmed its documentation of all these crimes, the most recent of which was the storming of the water system by an armed group and forcing workers to lock valves and cut off water on some cities.

These acts are nothing but crimes against humanity that are committed only by militias outside the law and order, who only live in extortion and commit horrific crimes against the people.

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