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Guterres: The permanent ceasefire in Libya must be accepted by all Libyan parties.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, “António Guterres,” said that a permanent ceasefire in Libya must be acceptable to the public and Libyan parties, and there should be agreement on the methods of implementing it and the level of support that Libya is requesting from the international community and the regional and international stakeholders.

In a report presented to the members of the Security Council on the Libyan crisis on Tuesday, Guterres said that it is necessary for all member states to adhere to the arms embargo and other measures imposed by the Security Council – according to what Anadolu Agency reported.

Guterres stressed that the necessary steps to make meaningful reforms in the security sector, and to take demobilization, disarmament and reintegration initiatives, can only be achieved by reunifying the army and police again, demobilizing armed groups and putting in place adequate guarantees for the good behavior of all forces.

It is worth noting that the Joint Military Committee agreed on November 3 to form a military sub-committee to oversee the return of the forces to their headquarters and the withdrawal of foreign forces from the front lines.

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