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Guterres reviews Hifter’s crimes .. Why?

The report issued by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, yesterday blamed Hifter for all the killings, bombings and displacement that he caused during his aggression against Tripoli since the fourth of last April.

The Guterres report included crimes that Hifter was explicitly and explicitly accused of committing, perhaps to warn him that all of these operations were documented by the UN and could be used against him at any time.

The accusations contained in the Guterres report indicated that Hifter planes launched 1020 raids since the beginning of his aggression against Tripoli, including 850 carried out by drones, and 170 carried out by combat aircrafts, including 60 raids by foreign aircrafts.

In his report to the Security Council, Guterres added that Hifter’s planes bombed residential neighborhoods in and around Tripoli, including Al-Aziziya, Al-Sawani, Alfornaj, Janzour, Tajura, and Azawiya, and targeted military, civil, governmental and public facilities, the last of which was the military college in the Alhadba which killed 33 and wounded dozens of students studying there.

The report did not forget that Hifter’s repeatedly targeted Maitiqa International Airport, which led to its closure in many occasions and caused human and material damage, including the damage of a Libyan Airlines plane and a local airline, and the injury of airport workers.

The report stated that Hifter planes were responsible for the bombing of the Equestrian Club, which resulted in the injury of 6 civilians, including 5 children, the killing of 3, and also committing Alfornaj massacre,killing 3 people after their house was targeted,and the bombing of Alaramal and Alazizya which destroyed 3 houses killing 3 Civilians, and wounding 4 others.

The report also held Hifter responsible for the air strike on a factory in Tajoura, which resulted in the death of 7 people, including 5 foreign workers, as well as the killing of 3 children in a Asawani raid, and the killing of two civilians in Azawiya as a result of targeting Hifter’s planes.

The Guterres report confirmed that Hifter’s aircrafts targeted of a Tabu community, leaving more than 40 people dead. The report indicated that after the killing of a leader from “Alkani”, group , they launched attacks and killed 39 people, wounded dozens, and Hifter militants kidnapped a member of the Supreme Council of State, and killed and kidnapped civilians while they were traveling on the coastal road near Qaraboli.

In his report, Guterres did not neglect Libyan Parliament member Siham Sarqiwa, who he confirmed that there was no information available since her kidnapping last July from Benghazi, after gunmen belonging to Hifter attacked her house, and attacked her husband and son.

Guterres’s documentation of Hifter’s crimes and violations that are mentioned in the report is clear and explicit, perhaps his purpose is to warn that they represent indictments that can be referred to international criminal courts at any time if Hifter continues his aggression, crimes and violations of international and humanitarian laws.

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