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“Guterres” calls on foreign mercenaries to leave Libya immediately.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, “António Guterres,” called on thousands of foreign fighters and mercenaries to leave Libya immediately, without setting another deadline for departure.

“It is necessary that all foreign forces and all foreign mercenaries move to Benghazi and Tripoli first and then leave,” Guterres said, pointing out that the ceasefire is in place in Libya and that all Libyans and international players must respect the arms embargo and the ceasefire agreement, “according to Reuters. “.

It is worth noting that the American CNN channel revealed, on January 22, that Haftar has fortified with Russian Wagner mercenaries with several advanced weapons, by digging a huge trench around the city of Sirte towards the Al-Jufra base, the stronghold of the Russian mercenaries.

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