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Graduation of Libyan Marines in Italy

Libyan trainees from the Libyan Special Naval Forces arrived in Libya on Tuesday after completing a training course at the headquarters of the Italian Special Forces in the city of Brindisi.

The Libyan Navy spokesperson, Brigadier Ayoub Qassem told ArraedLG on Wednesday, the forty-day course for 28 trainees and supervisors ended with a 100% success rate.

Qassem pointed out that the course included many lessons and exercises conducted in distinctive Italian Special Forces locations, in addition to violent field training, which is based on physical preparation of individuals and endurance ability, swimming, intrusion, descent, protection and defense.

Brigadier Qassem noted that the Italian side considered this second group in the level of Special Forces in terms of endurance and team spirit, adding that this course is the second of three courses agreed upon between the Libyan naval forces and the Italian side in an agreement signed in 2013.


The first naval training course was held in 2013.

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